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 March 19, 2014


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Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius


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This June at

Hollywood Fringe Festival

4 more performances of


Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius

Picasso’s Women: The Darker Side of Genius

By M. Jarrett Christensen on February 7th, 2014 

From l, Ewa Kozak, Russ Andrade, Marianne Bourg, and Nadia Kiyatkina in “Picasso’s Women: The Darker Side of Genius.”

From left, Ewa Kozak, Russ Andrade, Marianne Bourg, and Nadia Kiyatkina in “Picasso’s Women: The Darker Side of Genius.”

Can art consume more than just the artist? Can creative brilliance be so volatile that it damages all who are in contact with it? Like Zeus’s enigmatic glorious illumination, it destroys those who see. Picasso was an artist who needs no introduction. A painter extraordinaire who defined art of the 20th century and whose name is immortalized. However, he used and abused women, and all those in his orbit. The production of Picasso’s Women adeptly tells their story.

The stage induces an interesting backdrop of present and past, how memories can merge and murder, heal and provoke. It is a reunion of the prominent women that knew and loved Picasso. He has been dead for some time, but still haunts their lives. There is still some bad blood and hurt feelings. Love runs deep. Young (Walter Perez) and old (Russ Andrade) Picasso interact with the women as they tell their stories. And their tales are fascinating.

Director Aramazd liberates what could be a torrid affair into one of intrigue and sympathy. Picasso’s works are continually projected, attaching his themes and periods that correlate with the women. The effect is mesmerizing. As are the performances. Everyone shines. Marianne Bourg as Francoise Gilot and Anna Grace McNiven as Jacqueline Roque stand out.

Jean Gonzales Lomasto was particularly imaginative with costumes that reflected not only the character’s personality, but the time period. The only comment is of the script, as some of the dialogue is too on the nose. Some deflections and acidity would increase the conflict. There is a great opening and dnouement, which makes this show particularly poignant. Highly recommended.

Picasso’s Women: The Darker Side of Genius runs through Feb. 16 at Theatre Unlimited located at 10943 Camarillo St. in North Hollywood. For tickets call (818) 450-4801 or visit www.itsmyseat.com/CAPS/



I'm so blown away by the show tonight. I can't believe that's the same script that I read [three months ago]. You are an incredible director with great vision. The actresses were incredible too. Congratulations!


Stella Valente

[Writer, Director, Choreographer]



Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius

by Gwynne Edwards

Adapted and Directed by Aramazd



Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius is a play based on the lives of the women that were Picasso's wives and mistresses. In 1954, five of them meet in a caf in Paris, to see if they can cooperate- despite past animosities and jealousies- in writing a book about their experiences living with Picasso. The play delves into the many aspects of their relationships: love, genius, misogyny, paintings, impunity, sex, betrayals, fears, strengths, etc.
Based on an original play by the British playwright and translator Gwynne Edwards,

Adapted and directed by Aramazd.

(818) 450-4801


Tickets From:  www.itsmyseat.com/CAPS/

and Hollywood Fringe Box Office/website


With the Participation of:

Anna Grace McNiven, Azad Abed-Stephen, Gabrielle O’Sullivan, Jean Gonzales Lomasto, Jody Bardin, Liana Bassior, Mariana Novakovich, Marianne Bourg, Mikael Oganes, Nadia Kiyatkina, Rene Montague, Robert Alter, Russ Andrade, Walter Perez;

Sponsored in part by Glendale West Pharmacy; Publicity: Up & Running.









A mixed English and Armenian language presentation of impressions of the Armenian Troubadour-poet


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